Sunday, July 28, 2013

Timeless Star arrived and is for sale

I still cannot figure out how to get a picture transferred to this blog. I'm going to get a lesson.  Timeless Star arrived from the printer last week.  It has been a terrible chore getting it to this stage, but it is and it's for sale. Order from web site.  Then please let me know what you think. This is a bit different format than Guild in the Granary.

The summer is winding down and I'm not ready. My garden is a mass of weeds.  I have harvested a couple of zucchini(sp) squash, a huge amount of garlic and a nice lot of greens: romaine, kale and collards. I'm still back the beginning of June and we are already entering August.

I am working on promotional materials and everything else. Special thanks to Susan Brunner for her help with this. She is a marketing fool and has helped me tremendously.

The Grove City Writer's Group is in the midst of its Summer Scribbles writing contest for middle and high schoolers who live in Southwestern City School District.  Cash prizes will be awarded
at the Summer Sizzle concert in downtown Grove City on Friday August 16 at intermission
(about 7 pm).

I am finishing up editing and rewriting on Where have all the Flowers Gone? which is a memoir of  the first year after the death of my son. This is so much harder than I ever imagined and I miss him so much. I am grateful to have three other children and four wonderful in-laws.

Yesterday I made a small batch of apple sauce for the little boys. Surely they will love it. Peeling apples is one of the worst jobs in the kitchen. I didn't make much because I didn't want to peel any more. I am lazy, I guess.

Again I'm going to promise to do better with this blog. Do you think I will?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Timeless Star due soon!

After more than three years of disorganized waiting, our new book, is to be delivered this month - expected date June 29, 2013. I am excited to say the least. Serious business has been happening in my life as some of you know.  We've had two deaths and three births in the family in the time of serious change to our structure. These things have prevented most sane activity.

When my children were growing up and some problem preented itself, the line was: "well, nobody died and nobody's pregnant. How bad can it be." We have surpassed our limit in the past three years and I truly do hope we are set for a while. No more momentous changes, PLEASE?

TIMELESS STAR features the ladies from the Guild in the Granary who were introduced in our first book THE GUILD IN THE GRANARY. Two of the ladies go to a two-week-long quilt retreat in the hills of southern Ohio.  There is death and distruction, bad tempers and love affairs, humour and a sheriff named Brain as part of the new story. You are going to love it.

The book will be available for purchase as soon as we receive it from the printer. Please order at our web site  The books are $14.95 plus shipping and tax  OR  2 books for $25.00 plus shipping and tax.

We are scheduling shop and guild visits for the upcoming season so contact us if you'd like us to visit your guild meeting in Ohio or your quilt shop. We present a fun program with prizes and itrems of interest to your patrons and guild members.

My garden looks great. I may even get out and take a picture. The garden at the farm looks less good and somebody ate all the green beans.  I hate picking green beans so maybe God is being good to me by makiing certain there are none for me to pick. I love my garden until mid July and then I abandon it to the weeds and its own devices. I am having special fun with it this year.

I have been quilting a bit. I sent or Major General Deborah Ashenhurst sent five quilts to children in Afghanistan who my son told me hadn't the clothing to stay warm in the cold weather. I am grateful to her for getting the quilts into the hands of kids who need them.  I have finished up three other quilts that have been laying around - unfinished- for a while. I have three more that need to be finished. I am grateful to be getting these little piles of stuff finished up.

Do not misconstrue this info. I'm still awfully disorganized, but I'm working on it and can even see where I am making a bit of progress.

I have two, maybe three, more books in the hopper and have to get myself moving on those and I have started the research for a third Guild in the Granary story that will have a civil war re-enactment as the backdrop of the story. I have attended one re-enactment where I met Annie Oakley, a blacksmith who is giving classes in the fine art of blacksmithing in my area, and a guy named Kenny who sold me a bow and arrowes.  It was fun.

Stay tuned for wheneveer I get back here to let you know what is going on with TIMELESS STAR, the writing and everything else.

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Year Has Passed!!!

A Year Has Passed!!!

We observed the one year anniversary  of my son's death this past week. I am blown away by the kindness and attentiveness of his fellow soldiers.  We ran into them at his grave in Wellston, three car loads. We heard from them on Facebook, people sent us flowers and cards and wished us well. This is the sort of thing that causes me to believe there is so much good out there in the world.

My heart is broken that six more Americans have died in Afghanistan.  Life is dicey folks. Let's enjoy it while we can. Let's love one another and have lots of fun and share what we have. It is the only answer.

Jamie and I have made corrections and changes to the manuscript of Timeless Star. Today I went through the final section again and made more edits. I have to do a better job of this the next time. There are still corrections I could make in wording and we are too far into the process to do that. At least that is my opinion.

I have signed up for Techy Tuesday at my local library. Hopefully I will learn to work with pictures. I am looking forward to this and hope I am not so far gone that I can't learn to do this.

Thank goodness I am here today doing the blog. I really am trying to get some order back into my life.

See you next week.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Day After Easter

April 1, 2013

I'm giving  myself a special dispensation since yesterday was Easter. We had a great day.  After church we had an Easter egg hunt with Kyleigh ( 6 years old) and her two , under-two cousins having their first go at an Easter egg hunt. It was such a joy to see these kids get the hang of it. Evan kept dumping his basket and having to stop to retreive all the eggs again. Tucker kept setting his basket down and leaving it behind. Oh what fun.

In the midst of it some stupid squirrel who lives in  my yard grabbed a green plastic egg and took off for the tree tops. I think Jamie's sister, Harmonica, got a photo of the little bugger in the top of a tree.  It was such fun. There was no quiltiing, no writing, no laudable activity of any kind. 

I am getting mulch for my new back yard flower garden today or soon. Keirsten is working for Ohio Mulch and is taking care of it for me. I am ready to get outside and do spring. Lord have mercy, it has been a long winter.

Jamie and I are work on the final proofing of Timeless Star and probably will not finish that up this week.  We are observiing the first anniversary of our dear Shawn's death. I still don't believe it.

Have a good week and I really am trying to keep up with the blog.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Last Snow of the season - I hope!

March 25, 2013

New snow on the ground this morning and I hope it is the last of the season, but at the same time it is achingly beautiful. The world is frosted white and pure for as far as  my eye can see. I love it even though I'm tired of it and ready for spring.

I've decided Ivy and Esther needs to act as an addendum to Timeless Star.  It is the back story for the Timeless Star quilt. I've never quite seen anything like it in a novel but I think there is no rule against it. An addendum, I mean. Jamie will get the book formatted and it will be ready to send off to the printer. Oh happy day!

So, we have to plan our sales program for Timeless Star and I am starting to think about the next book.  It is going to be about Caroline and Always in Stitches taking part in a Civil War re-enactment. I am excited about learning the ins and outs the re-enactors go through behind and before the scenes.

All about change . . .

March 25, 2013

Not the kind of change you carry around in your purse, but the kind that occurs in your head.
I have decided Ivy and Esther needs to be an addendum to Timeless Star. I don't think I've ever seen a novel with an addendum, but I don't think there is any rule against it. So . . . we are going to do it.

Jamie has to format the story and make a few corrections in the first (already formatted) section of Timeless Star, then we will send it to the printer. Oh happy day!

We have been at this off and on for four years. It is time to be done with it and get it out there where people can read it. I'm excited about that.

I've found a man who is willing to take me with him to some re-enactor week ends so I can find out what goes on behind the scenes and in front of the scenes before I start to write. I hope to be ready to write when the fall comes around again but I plan to enjoy summer in the mean time. I have such big plans for my gaarden and swimming and time at Dickie's lake and the farm. I don't want to let the summer get away from me again.

I also have a book abut the loss of my son that I have been working on all year. Haven't decided yet what I'm going to do with it. But I am thinking about it and will decide soon. I might try getting it pulished or I might just have it printed up for the family. I'm thinking about it. I'm thinking about it.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

March 17, 2013

I have to be the worst blogger in the history of the Internet, but I am persistant and I'm back again.

April 4, 2012 my son was killed in Afghanistan by a twelve year old suicide bomber. It has been devastating to the entire family to lose him. We are trying to move on but it is very hard. We miss him. He left a wonderful wife and a (now) nineteen month old son behind. War is indeed Hell.

Life does go on and we are trying to move along with it, keeping him in our hearts each day.

Writing and my family have helped me survive this loss. I have a wonderful, new grand daughter who is eleven weeks old. Her parents have named her Shawnessy in memory of her uncle. She is a joy and so are the rest of my grand children. God loves them and so do I.

So... Timeless Star, our second quilting novel will be going to the printer in the next couple of weeks. Jamie, my daughter-in-law and I have finally gotten it together to put the ISBN number and the bar code on the cover.

You are going to love this book. It is a mystery featuring the Quild in the Granary ladies and a few nes folks. Agnes and one of the young shop girls go to a two week quilt retreat where bad guys wreak havoc and generally mess up the weeks for the retreat-goers. Again somebody dies. I think ervery mystery should have a body. Don't you?

Mary Clark, our partner in Crime, has been sick for months after a routine gall bladder surgery became un-routine. Her intestinal track was accidently damaged and she has been healing for months. We have called a meeting to get all of us back into the saddle again.

The next quilting novel is going to involve Civil War re-enactors so I'm planning to spend some time this summer hanging out with them - re-enacters I mean to learn the lingo, etc. I'm looking forward to this and I can promise you there will be a body in the story. Beyond that who knows. Writiing is all about spinning straw iinto gold.  We will all have to stay tuned to see what CAroline and the ladies from the guild get into this time.

Our writer's Group is growing like crazy and we will soon be starting our fourth Summer Scribbles writing contest for middle and high school writers. You can see the details on the Writing Group web site so aptly handled by Liz Thompson. The address is . Check it out.

I am trying to get organized and move on with my life and my writing. It has been a long winter and I like most peoppleiin central Ohio am looking forward to spring. I have onion sets ready to go into the garden and lots and lots of work to be done in the yard. Ye Gods!

My goal will be to blog every Sunday and see where that takes us. Cross your fingers for me.